Davos Event: Blockchain in Healthcare Insurance & Beyond: Are We Ready? | Reuters.com (reuters.com)
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Blockchain’s rapid development is impacting economies, enterprise and society.

As an emerging shared IT infrastructure, blockchain and distributed ledger technology are shaping the architecture of Globalisation 4.0, as many industries seek ways to democratize access to information in ways that unlock value for all stakeholders.

Reuters, with Cognizant and MetLife Asia, are bringing together experts from the worlds of healthcare insurance, technology and business innovation, to explore blockchain’s game-changing potential through real-world case studies, showcasing how technology can enable organizations worldwide to enhance collaboration and trust, as well as reduce operational costs and improve transactional security.

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Angeline Ong is a television anchor at Reuters, based in London. She hosts the European business shows, Emerging Markets show and daily Brunei Nightly News programme out of the UK capital.New York, Washington, Chicago and Tokyo and was named Global Editor of Breaking views in December 2012.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Blockchain in healthcare is for many a very good example of how blockchain can change in the real world the quality's life of many people, saving resources, money and time, and changing the way user's data is managed. Davos Events are important to showcase this.