Training: Become a blockchain expert with this $30 training (
Get up to speed with the tech that's powering cryptocurrencies, logistics, and more.
Blockchain may have been the bandwagon technology of 2018, but its popularity is still going strong this year as more groups leverage it in increasingly inventive ways. From potentially tracking prescription drugs to creating a blockchain smartphone, the digital ledger tech is going far beyond the realm of Bitcoin.

If you're looking to add this skill to your repertoire and cash in on a six-figure salary, the Blockchain Certification Advanced Training Bundle is a solid starting point, and it's on sale for only $29. This two-course collection features 35 hours of instruction designed to take you from zero to hero with this groundbreaking tech.

You'll develop a detailed understanding of blockchain basics, including its origins, objectives and challenges; and you'll expand your know-how to mining methodologies and, of course, cryptocurrency.

In fact, this collection offers a multi-faceted look at several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Hyperledger and Ethereum, as well as various blockchain platforms.

Make your way through the collection, and you'll develop a solid foundation in blockchain tech and even earn two certificates of completion to validate your skills. While the Blockchain Certification Advanced Training Bundle usually retails for $899, you can get it on sale today for over 90 percent off.

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