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SF Blockchain Week brings together entrepreneurs, startups, academics, and global corporations to discuss and collaborate on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The second annual San Francisco Blockchain Week, one of the world’s leading events focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, has been announced for the week of October 28.

The week will feature talks and debates from global leaders, developer events, job fairs, local meetups, hackathons, and more – highlighted by a three-day hackathon hosted by leading blockchain interoperability project, Cosmos.

The purpose of SF Blockchain Week is to create a platform that bridges the different and often disconnected groups that are vital to the development of the nascent blockchain technology industry.

By bringing together entrepreneurs, academics, financial institutions, startups, students, governments, regulators, and global corporations within one forum while set against the backdrop of innovation in the SF Bay Area, SF Blockchain Week is a landmark event for the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

“Like the early days of the internet with disparate protocols all existing in silos, blockchain platforms have technical, and sometimes political problems communicating with one another,” said Ronen Kirsh, Managing Partner of Dekrypt Capital.

“Similarly, the innovators behind blockchain from the academics to the coders to the government agencies need a common forum to communicate and discuss the future of our industry. SF Blockchain Week 2019 is about connecting the pioneers and innovators and setting the ultimate vision that drives our industry forward.

One of the highlights of SF Blockchain Week 2019, a week of meetups, hackathons, and major events across the Bay Area, is the Cosmos ‘DeFi HackAtom’ Hackathon on November 1-3 in San Francisco. Cosmos is a new “3rdgeneration” blockchain platform that allows startups and developers to create their own complete blockchains that are interoperable with one another.

 The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) HackAtom will bring the leading blockchain developers in the world together to create powerful interoperable applications.
Here are the major events for SF Blockchain Week 2019:

Conceived in 2018 by Dekrypt Capital and Noris, the first annual SF Blockchain Week attracted over 5,000 attendees, 60 sponsors, and was regarded as one of the biggest blockchain events of 2018, attracting the leading global minds in the world of blockchain.

As the industry grows, major global companies are beginning to move into blockchain, and academic research is accelerating. SF Blockchain Week 2019, highlighted as one of 20 conferences you can not miss in 2019 by Inc.

Magazine, is coming at a critical time for blockchain and cryptocurrency and looks to be one of the most important events in the history of the industry.
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