Blockchain in Healthcare and Life Sciences [Webinar Teaser] (
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Most people know that current blockchain use cases in healthcare and life sciences include tracking the pharmaceutical supply chain, provider directories, physician credentialing and more. But the real potential will come with advancements in patient-mediated data, a cultural shift on sovereignty and regulation, and maturing market functions for data monetization. Come to this webinar to learn about how blockchain will revolutionize healthcare and life sciences for patients, physicians, insurers, R&D, pharmaceutical companies, and health care providers.

· How do we conceptualize blockchain adoption in the industry at scale
· Learn about the internet of medical things (IOMT)
· What are barriers to adoption of blockchain in healthcare and life sciences
· What’s a strategic view of transformation and how it’s implemented

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Presented by:
· Heather Leigh Flannery - Global Lead, Consensys Health; Chair, IEEE SA P2418.6; Co-Founder & Chair, BiHG, IEEE ISTO; Co-Chair, HIMSS Blockchain Task Force
· Dr. Alex Cahana - Head Of Healthcare and Blockchain Consulting At Genesis Block; Blockchain Expert UN/CEFACT, Economic Commission Europe
· Robert Miller - Senior Consultant at Consensys Health; Fellow, Blockchain In Healthcare Global