Watch: How Blockchain Is Disrupting Global Business | Sibos 2019 (
Cointelegraph journeyed to Sibos 2019 to find out how some of the biggest financial institutions in the world are already adopting blockchain technology.

We talked to eleven experts from eight different companies — including IBM, Accenture, McKinsey & Company, Hyperledger, ANZ, Everest Group, Fnality, and Synechron — about the future of blockchain technology in the financial world.

Blockchain is changing the face of global business. It has the ability to optimize and streamline existing systems across all industries by a whopping 30%. It even has the power to completely revolutionize entire business ecosystems — like supply chains, trade finance, and cross-border payments — by re-imagining the way we store, share, and verify data.
For these reasons, blockchain is on the brink of mass corporate adoption on a worldwide scale. Our discoveries here at Sibos will tell you just how close to that reality we really are.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The title of the article is very bold. We don't see the blockchain already disrupting Global business. It's being used, however, in a wide range of areas which ultimately will bring that disruption, coming earlier than we think.
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