Robert Haastrup-Timmi interviewed by Timothy Spangler - THE BIGGER PICTURE - Los Angeles, CA (
"Our Special Guest - award-winning serial entrepreneur and blockchain expert - Robert Haastrup-Timmi!
Robert Haastrup-Timmi is a serial Startup Entrepreneur with several years innovating and founding MVP's in a diversified media & digital asset portfolio.

As an early adopter of 4th IR Technologies, Robert founded Blockchain Company - in April 2017 as a new ecosystem that aims to help bring blockchain, 4th industrial revolution technologies and cryptocurrencies closer to everyone as a unified media utility platform.

 The startup has identified up to 30 strong use case applications for roadmap development within its diversified portfolio.

Blockchain Company consequently raised 2.5m Euros at a valuation of 25 million Euros, through a top Family Office investor in Spain.
Following his brief work experience as a Prime Broker at Merrill Lynch in London, Robert went on to work as an Equity Compensation Analyst for Macromedia in San Francisco, before the company was acquired by Adobe.

While working at Macromedia through web 1.0, Robert launched as a media and technology platform aiming to connect the world with Africa.

The site has run numerous media campaigns for Fortune 500 Companies and won an MBA proposal competition to help find a solution for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship program, of US graduating students from Africa in December 2014.

In the same year, Robert's startup PromotedApp won a Top '3' Award out of 113 startups in the EU, competing through a 12 week programme called EMMINVEST. Robert enjoys helping and advising startups wherever he can."
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Robert is one of those visionaries with a perfect fin-tech background. By creating he has been relentlessly working creating connections between the blockchain, the 4th IR techs and cryptos, developing blockchain based solutions in this exciting times. Enjoy this awesome interview and let us know what you think.