Recommended Watch: Investment Panel: “Funding the Future” (
Panel discussion on Funding the Future

The topic of discussion:

- Breaking down value proposition, governance models and
tokenization use cases from an investor’s perspective
- How to best approach investments in Blockchain - teams,
companies, paradigms and solutions
- Building scalable blockchain businesses
- Lessons learned in crypto and token Investments


Faris M. Al Tahtamooni- Associate Director - Strategic Partnerships, Lead Ventures - The Office of Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Bin Sultan Al Qasimi

Danish Rizvi- Coo, Asa Ventures, United Arab Emirates

Sir Anthony Ritossa - Chairman, Ritossa Family Office, United Arab Emirates

Zachary Cefaratti - Founder & CEO - Dalma Capital, United Arab Emirates

Saeed Hareb Aldarmaki - Managing Director, Alphabit Fund, United Arab Emirates


Joeri Van Geelen - Founder & Ceo, Build Blocks Group, Singapore ***

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Investors all around want to put their money in all 4th IR related economic activities. Crypto and blockchain start ups and use cases, for instance. Family Offices are particularly eager. Investment Panel summits like these are very useful to clarify ideas, concepts, make networking, and connections between all interested parties.