Watch: Crossing the Chasm: Towards the Professionalization of Digital Assets (
Julien Auchecorne, chief operating officer for XBTO International Ltd; Adam Grimsley, head of investment solutions for Prime Factor Capital and Elizabeth Rossiello, Founder & CEO of Aza Finance spoke to Bloomberg’s Alastair Marsh at The Future of Digital Assets briefing in London for a discussion of how Bitcoin is currently being utilized as a financial tool and an investment vehicle, where value is likely to accrue next and the obstacles that remain for mainstream adoption.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst "Crossing the Chasm" is more than a title. We are so conformed to believe on the traditional economic world that for most, digital economy feels just like continuing doing the same but on a digital sphere. It is not. Digital assets such as BTC in this case and the disruption brought by the 4th IR signs a new paradigm How to cross the chasm? We make as we do, as usual , until mass adoption.