Important Watch: AI's Impact on Jobs: Sinovation, Meituan, TCS, Improbable CEOs (
Sinovation Ventures Chief Executive Officer Kai-Fu Lee, Improbable CEO Herman Narula, Meituan Dianping CEO Wang Xing and Tata Consultancy Services CEO Rajesh Gopinathan discuss the future of artificial intelligence and its impact on labor and emerging economies. Bloomberg's Francine Lacqua moderates the discussion at Bloomberg's New Economy Forum in Beijing.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Interesting panel on the impact of AI on labor and emerging economies. AI is being already introduced in many sectors, bringing changes. Societies need to prepare for the changes, avoid misuse of AI, to really benefit from the positive aspects of AI. Think about global economic empowerment, democratisation of learning and work, etc.