Recommended Watch: How Blockchain & Other Exponential Technologies Will Impact the Future of Work (
A talk from the XR Enablement Track at AWE EU 2019 - the World's #1 XR Conference & Expo in Munich, Germany October 17-18, 2019

Not only is Blockchain evolving quickly, but the wave of exponential technologies is upon us. It is a daunting task to stay abreast of all this tech. However, we can leverage technology to shape that way we will work in the future. Aside from the practical elements of deploying blockchain and emerging technology, we must consider how the definition of value will evolve, how the digital landscape will seamlessly merge with reality and most importantly, how we want to craft the future. In this talk, we will look at: • The role of Blockchain relative to other technologies • How Blockchain fits into future enterprise solutions • How to leverage multiple technologies • Future workforce considerations • The Peer-to-Peer Economy • Self Sovereign Identity & Data • Where to start and how to scale • Big Picture planning vs. current limitations