Listen: The Market Maker - The Coronavirus & The Bitcoin Halving Lead the Macro News Cycle (
On this episode of the Crypto Conversation, Scott Freeman, former prosecutor with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and co-founder of JST Capital, discusses the unique needs of institutional investors, whether the Bitcoin halving is priced in, and the effect of the Coronavirus on the financial markets.

As we begin a new decade, many market watchers had expected turbulence and volatility, and 2020 is not playing around. The Coronavirus is driving the global news cycle and impacting all financial markets as governments scramble to contain the virus and prevent a pandemic. In the meantime, with just 100 days until the Bitcoin halving, while stock markets fall, the BTC price is soaring.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Coronavirus could be a Black Swan event. Or not. But is hovering there. The projected Bitcoin Halve will also affect the crypto landscape make the crypto and stock financial markets jittery. Awareness, getting informed, and prepared is the proper stance for all of us.