Bank of France Announces Successful Test of Blockchain-Based Digital Euro | The Daily Hodl (
The Bank of France says it’s successfully completed an initial test of a central bank digital currency based on blockchain technology.

The bank says it’s the first in a series of tests to see if a digital euro has the potential to strengthen global financial markets. In the weeks ahead, the central bank will explore how the digital euro performs when sent from one bank to another.

The digital currency has been in development since late March. Its initial design is for use in the private sector and not for consumers.

The Bank of France is recruiting an economist with crypto experience and a strong background in game theory to help guide the launch process.

The central bank is following in the footsteps of China, which began a major trial of a digital form of the yuan in April.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst France is one of the few European countries getting ahead on the digital economy. We are entering into a realm of a new economy where, in this case, a fiat euro will share the field with a blockchain based digital European (French by now) coin. China is setting the pace. The 4th IR is here.