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he real threat of deepfakes, explained with Kristen Bell.

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Actress Kristen Bell first found out there were deepfake porn videos of her online from her husband, actor Dax Shepherd. In the videos, her face has been manipulated onto porn stars’ bodies.

“I was just shocked,” the actress told Vox. “It's hard to think about that I'm being exploited.”

And this isn’t only happening to celebrities. Noelle Martin, a recent law graduate in Perth, Australia, discovered that someone took photos she’d shared on social media and used them first to photoshop her face into nude images, and then to create deepfake videos.

Deepfakes are often portrayed as a political threat — fake videos of politicians making comments they never made. But in a recent report, the research group Deeptrace found that 96% of deepfakes found online are pornographic. Of those videos, virtually all are of women. And virtually all are made without their consent.

"The State of Deepfakes"
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst We are not surprised that the porn industry is the one taking the advantages of new technical developments. This industry moves more money than most of the other digital industry in Internet. The use of pornographic online deepfakes, however, should be regulated, and any illegal use of it criminalised, at most are done without the consent of the person involved.