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CREST presents an expert interview with the Co-founder and CFO of Archax, Matthew Pollard. He is joined alongside the CEO of Smartlands, Arnoldas Nauseda.

Archax is a new, regulated, institutional-grade exchange for trading asset-backed tokens, like security tokens.

Smartlands is a blockchain-based platform for crowdfunding investment.

In this interview with Adam Chapnick, CREST’S director of programming, you’ll hear about the recent partnership between Archax and Smartlands. You’ll also learn about the state of the security token industry in London.

Other topics covered include:

-Smartlands new STO: Nottingham student housing project
-The tokenization of real estate
-”Main Street Investors” and security tokens
-Security token regulations around the world
-Liquidity and security tokens
-The latest company partnerships
-Company news and product announcements
-Predictions for the security token industry

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Creation of security tokens and the tokenisation of assets is the present and future for sectors like real estate, Pharma, and many others. Specialised companies (like Archax in London) are appearing in Europe. No doubt many investors and 4th IR entrepreneurs are looking very carefully how Security Tokens industry is coming of age and what is going to happen in the next future.