Beijing government releases its blueprint for becoming a blockchain hub - The Block (
Beijing’s municipal government released a 145-page blueprint today outlining a plan to become a hub for blockchain innovation over the next two years.

The blueprint comes nearly a month after the city's municipal government announced an initiative called 
the “Beijing Blockchain Innovation Development Action Plan (2020-2022),” which is aimed at making China’s capital one of the first cities in the country to integrate blockchain technology into the city’s economic development.

"By 2022, Beijing will become an influential blockchain technology innovation center, application demonstration center, industrial development center, and innovative talent center, taking the lead in forming the 'Beijing Plan' for blockchain-enabled economic and social development," the initial announcement stated. 

According to a local media report140 government services already use blockchain applications, which include data sharing, collaborative business management, and electronic certifications. 
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst China is not even surprising us any more on the blockchain issues. Beijing latest initiative shows the importance of a dialogue between start ups, financial sector, and civil society to build a comprehensive blockchain infrastructure to create more development. Some should learn from them.