Listen: The truth about living in INDIA | An American's point of view (
The truth about living in India | An American's point of view
American reacts to life in India.

A U.S. foreigner's view on living in India (Indian food, culture, lifestyle, language, first impressions, etc.) Living in India vs living in the USA.

Comment below things you love about life in India (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, etc.)!

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Many Expats that have been living in a country for years, have become the best ambassadors for those countries. They speak the languages, understand customs, foods, and moreover, they have learnt to go over the usually wrong ideas people have over these countries (Spain full of flamenco and toreadores!? India poor and weird traditions?). In a world changing into localism and nationalism is good to listen global experiences which can move all humans closer. India is great.