Watch: Minister admits changes to Brexit deal would break international law (
It was one of those extraordinary parliamentary moments. (Subscribe:
The Northern Ireland secretary admitted that the Government was intending to break international law - specifically the EU Withdrawal Agreement, which sets out how Britain and the EU would agree new rules on trade between Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Government is giving itself powers to decide on those rules unilaterally.

That decision has prompted the resignation of the Government's chief legal officer.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst "Pacta sum servanda" is the norm, and breaking this is returning to the pirates' era. There are international mechanisms which allow States to discuss, change and even get out from international treaties, but never like UK has threatened now. What is going to happen? Is the new populism only thinking about present? If this happens what is going to mean for UK? How can democratic States ask totalitarian ones to stick to international rules and laws f themselves are not ready for it? Not even Trump, coming out from Climate Treaties and others, broke the law but used the International regulations to do so.