Highly Recommended Watch: The Chinese Dream; China’s Plan to Replace America (youtube.com)
China has a plan to replace America as the world’s leading nation
They even have a specific timeline.
And its coming faster than you think.

Introduction: 00:00
Xi Jinping, The President of China's Term Limit Removal: 00:21
President, Head of Army, Police & Purging: 00:38
What does Xi intend to do with all this power?: 00:57
Goal 1: Double 2010 Per Capita GDP by 2021: 01:40
Goal 2: Become the World's Leading Nation by 2049: 02:02
The 100 Year Marathon & The 9 Strategies (Michael Pillsbury): 02:15
The China Dream (Liu Mingfu): 02:51
Pillar 1 - Economic Supremacy: 03:08
Capitalism vs Communism? (State Capitalism): 04:23
Financial Dominance (Biggest banks in the world): 05:25
Pillar 2 - Geopolitical Supremacy: 05:46
Progress Report: 06:24
The Belt And Road Initiative (China as a Creditor): 07:15
Pillar 3 - Technological Supremacy: 08:00
Recent Technological News Developments: 08:42
Digital Silk Road - Made in China 2025: 09:38
5G, Mobile Payment (Ant Financial), Blockchain (BSN): 10:10
State Techno-capitalism and Digital Yuan: 11:03
Trump is losing the Tech-War with China: 12:15

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst China is really expanding and becoming a superpower on its own. USA has never faced something like this. Being used to be the world police they are not ready for other global players. We think China is not yet ready to be a hard superpower yet. It is more of a soft power which pervades everywhere from Africa to South America, to EU with the new Silk Route, and so on. With time, this can change. Empires come and go.