Recommended Alert to Watch! TETHER is a DOOMSDAY MACHINE...allegedly (
I am reacting to an interview that Laura Shin did for the Unchained Podcast.

In it, she is interviewing Gregory Pepin, deputy CEO of Deltec Bank and Trust - located in The Bahamas - and the main holder of Tether's assets. Gregory responds to allegations in a recent blog post suggesting that Tether is a "highly probably fraud."

Watch Laura's excellent full interview here -

I also take a clip from Ivan on Tech here -

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Of course, the opinions in this video are all mine. And should in no way be taken as advice, the truth, or condemnation of Tether or Deltec.

I sincerely hope - for everyone who is invested in crypto - that Tether is 100% legitimate. But there are serious concerns that they do not seem to want to address.

And this interview provides zero reassurances that Tether's funds are in good hands. IMO

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The topic of Tether and its relationship to BTC is around already for a time, it's not new. Everything seems kind of weird anyway. This is a very interesting topic which could eventually be very bad for many investors if Tether's fears become a reality. What do you think?
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      Jorn van Zwanenburg Blockchain researcher & Tokenomist I do think Tether poses systemic risk to the cryptocurrency market. I don't believe that they are an outright scam as I think their Tether's are sufficiently backed (sufficiently -> redeeming parties can redeem if not all at once), but I do believe that new regulations and several lawsuits can turn Tether into a white swan for the market. Here's an interesting interview with the founders of Tether:
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    Jorn van Zwanenburg Blockchain researcher & Tokenomist Terrible video, very interesting topic