Watch: Justin Sun, Picasso, Warhol NFTs and Digitizing Giant Clams - Impact Investor Challenge Q&A Day 5 (
On today's session I talk about the Justin Sun bridging real world art and NFTs, the coming digitization of real world assets, and an overview of the entire week.

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During this session, we will review

Day Five - Investor 5.0 Portfolio Plan for 2021 & 2022
Learn how its possible that millennials are building multi Million dollar portfolios in a year or less by using Investor 5.0 strategies. Learn the steps to create your own Investor 5.0 plan with getting a share of the $50,000+ in prizes for the best investment plans by the end of the week.

Roger James Hamilton is a futurist, social entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling Author of the Millionaire Master Plan. He is the founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and the creator of the Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics & Genius Test Profiling Systems, used by over 250,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Last video on a wonderful series of Impact Investor Challenge Q&A Day 5. Excellent talk and information on NFTs, tokenisation of everything and how the world is changing so fast. The bottom of this is that we have to be very rational on our investments: connect, value and change, seeing that we are moving towards a new digital economy and society based more on imagination than on data.