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Why is the world constantly on the brink of a new financial crisis? This film explores the reasons for our risky financial system, and looks at how the financial world could be reshaped to be better prepared for the future.

Since 2008, trust between citizens and financial systems has been deeply shaken. Many were left wondering how things could go so badly wrong. And there’s no sign that the world has broken out of its spiral of crisis after crisis. The billions thrown around on financial markets have no positive effect on ordinary people. There’s now growing anger, and a determination that the current economic system, in which money means power, must finally be cleaned up. Politically, things haven’t improved since the last crisis - if anything the opposite has happened. This documentary gives voice to economists, historians, journalists, artists and activists. Given the current pandemic, it’s more clear than ever that the system needs to be challenged. Only then can we overcome the economic, political and climatic problems of the future.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst We are not even coming out from the present health and economic crisis and we hear that the economy has a risk of failure, the global impact will be very strong. However, we seem to be in a part of a cycle where old paradigms are falling, and we need to build the new one. We will pass through trials, and trust that new techs, common sense and resilience will help us to overcome this.