Highly Recommended Watch: XRP Rising! Ripple CTO: The Market Considers XRP to Be Similar to Bitcoin & Ether | CoinDesk TV (youtube.com)
Ripple CTO David Schwartz joins "First Mover" for a wide-ranging discussion about Ripple and XRP while the company is in the midst of an SEC lawsuit. On the latest news that Ripple has gained access to certain SEC documents, Schwartz comments on what the company hopes to accomplish. With XRP bouncing above $1 for the first time since March 2018, he also clears up some common misconceptions about Ripple, the company, and XRP, the ledger and token.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst XRP has gone up more than a 60% in the last days, as result of good news from its case with the US SEC. This is a good boost for Ripple and for its public intentions and plans. We need to wait for more results, and even the publication of some sensitive SEC documents. Interesting.