Recommended Watch: How I Sold My Start-Up To Lululemon For $500 Million (
Meet Brynn Putnam. The CEO and founder secured $3 million in venture capital to fund her tech-based fitness company MIRROR on the same day that she gave birth to her son.

In the summer of 2020, Putnam sold MIRROR for $500 million to Lululemon. The pandemic has been good for business. MIRROR ads are plastered across New York’s subway, airing on TV and clogging up social media channels.

But selling a company for half a billion dollars is just a small part of her story and frankly, not even the most interesting.

There are three numbers to watch out for in this story. $15,000: The amount Brynn had in her savings when she quit ballet. $3 million: Her first outside investment. $500 million: The amount she sold MIRROR for in 2020.

Here’s how Brynn Putnam built a company worth half a billion dollars in just two years.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Inspiring story. Of course, she had some good start in life, but even people with contacts and some money need to work very hard, be at the proper place and be able to see the opportunity and the way of developing a new idea not a functioning start up and then a successful one. We learn from this a lot.