Watch: Time to Pause on Bitcoin, Academy Securities' Tchir Says (
Peter Tchir, head of macro strategy at Academy Securities, explains why he thinks it's time to pause on bitcoin. He also discusses the U.S. Senate's passage of an expansive bill to invest almost $250 billion in bolstering U.S. manufacturing and technology to meet the economic and strategic challenge from China. He speaks with with Shery Ahn and Haidi Stroud-Watts on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia."
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Time to pause in BTC? Ask El Salvador. But there is some right in that opinion. It's time to again rethink what crypto means in a digital economy. It shouldn't be a casino or a "rich profit" scheme. It should be at the core of a digital economy. If should evolve into Crypto.2, like Internet did.