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In a world filled with garbage, power plants run on rotten vegetables, plastic is made from avocado pits, and computer parts are a gold mine. These are the big ideas on how to tackle the 2 billion tons of trash people produce every year.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:26 Chopstick Furniture
00:06:05 Incense Flowers
00:10:58 Avocado Bioplastic
00:15:43 Algae Flip-Flops
00:22:55 Vegetable Biogas
00:28:16 Mushroom Styrofoam And Bacon
00:35:12 Banana Textiles
00:40:30 Bread Crumbler
00:45:44 E-Waste Gold
00:54:49 Pineapple Plates
00:58:49 Mushroom Coffin
01:04:34 Bottletop Handbags
01:09:28 H&M Recycling
01:18:09 Artificial Reefs
01:24:18 Ikea Furniture Waste
01:32:31 Recycling Mall
01:40:12 Algae Blooms
01:48:08 Credits

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Plastic is one of the main problems we have on environment's management. Microplastic will be in the food chain for centuries and we seem not able to stop but to increase its use. Alternatives like this one, creating plastic like materials from any refuse could alleviate this. The story is just starting, but the ingenuity and creativity of human could yet save the day.