Highly Recommended Watch: Baboon Wars | South Africa (youtube.com)
Tim travels to Cape Town in South Africa to cover a neighbourhood dispute of a different kind. On one side, the baboon residents who have been there for a million years ... on the other, their human neighbours who are moving in. It all started when people began building on prime land belonging to the local baboons and naturally the primates took it very personally responding with a crime wave of carjackings, muggings and home invasions. This is the real-life version of planet of the apes!

Reporter / Producer: Tim Noonan
Camera: Richard Kruger
Editor: Sonia Serrao

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Baboons in an African city are like wild pigs in Europe. Due to population increasing, these omnivorous animals in contact with humans become a threat, even a pest in some places. The balance and borders between human landscape and wild nature is blurry here. What to do? There are many methods to avoid this issue as much as possible. Collect properly organic food, put fruit trees for them far from human inhabitation, use not lethal weapons, scare them. Otherwise, they are in charge.