Recommended Understanding : The Future of NFTs (
a16z General Partner Chris Dixon and Stanford Professor Dan Boneh explain why NFTs matter and how they are shifting power away from platforms and centralized services toward creators and users.

This video was recorded during a16z's NFT Summit, a conference featuring the best NFT builders and thinkers discussing the latest trends in NFTs, co-hosted with the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst NFTs are easy to understand. But many have not yet understood what added value have NFTs in the digital economy. Are they just a fad for new rich? Are like those Altcoins without any value? How NFTs help us to the transformation of society, economy, etc in the 4th IR? This podcast is a short reflection on it. NFTs have to be considered not as themselves but inside the body of initiatives and ideas which are coming with the 4th IR paradigm's shift.