Highly Recommended Listening: The Beginning of Infinity (youtube.com)
Science Is the Engine That Pulls Humanity Forward 0:00

The Beginning of Infinity 2:13

Nullius in Verba 4:11

Explanations That Reach the Entire Universe 6:25

Read the Best 100 Books Over and Over Again 8:19

We’re at the Beginning of an Infinity of Knowledge 10:21

People Are a Force of Nature 12:18

It’s Impossible to Predict the Growth of Knowledge 14:36

Humans Are Unique in Our Ability to Understand Things 16:30

Good Explanations Are Acts of Creativity 17:36

Good Explanations Are Hard to Vary 19:15

There Is No End of Science 21:41

There Is No Settled Mathematics 23:48

The Methods of Mathematics Are Fallible 26:43

All Knowledge Is Conjectural 29:27

Is the Universe Discrete or Continuous? 32:36

Every Theory Is Held Inside a Physical Substrate 34:44

We Can’t Prove Most Theorems with Known Physics 36:27

Probability Is Subjective 38:03

Is Light a Particle or a Wave? 40:09

The Multiverse 43:28

We Explain the Seen in Terms of the Unseen 45:10

Science Expands Our Vision of Reality 46:36

Science Is an Error-Correcting Mechanism 48:08

Theories Are Explanations, Not Predictions 50:12

Make Bold Guesses and Weed Out the Failures 52:44

Science Advances One Funeral at a Time 54:56

It’s Rare to Have Competing, Viable, Scientific Theories 56:13

We’re All Equal in Our Infinite Ignorance 59:13

It’s Easy to Extrapolate How Things Will Get Worse 1:00:38

Pessimism Seems Like an Intellectually Serious Position 1:02:14

Rational Optimism Is the Way Out 1:04:11

Transcript http://nav.al/infinity
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Naval Podcasts are of a such nature than very few things can be said about them. Every word coming from him is a pearl, even when goes abasing our own assumptions. Naval is a must to have always close to you when you need some wisdom, some clarity and some real hard truths. As he says, rational optimism is the way out. Please listen to it and enjoy.