Watch: 🔴 Too Old for Bitcoin? | This Week in Crypto – Sep 13, 2021 (
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0:22 Bitcoin Dumps as Billions Liquidated in Minutes -
0:43 El Salvador’s Bitcoin Wallet System Goes Down -
1:05 SEC Intends to Sue Coinbase -
1:26 Further Central American Countries Looking Into Crypto -
1:47 Ukraine Legalizes and Regulate Crypto -
2:10 Standard Chartered Values Ethereum at $26k to $35k ‘Structurally’ -
2:36 If You Don’t Understand Bitcoin, You Are Old -

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Crypto is in the news every day nowadays. Another sign of its importance in the real world. Huge news about El Salvador, with rumours of other countries to follow the move, the issues between SEC and Coinbase, etc. But, is true that anyone don't understanding BTC (meaning all crypto!) is already old (outdated)? Well, even in crypto there are many different ways of understanding, therefore there are BTC maximalists, Ethereum cultists, Altcoins warriors... strong fights and crypto wars in social media. What do you think?