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China’s President Xi Jinping is a force to be reckoned with. As leader of the Communist colossus, he commands the world’s attention, but who is China’s strongman and what is his agenda?

Born into the privileged life of a princeling, banished to poverty in the countryside during a political purge, his early life formed and framed his views on power and control.

His rise up the political ladder was propelled by party connections and an advantageous celebrity marriage. As he rose through the party ranks, he carefully crafted his image.

Today it’s a full-blown cult of personality featuring compulsory lessons in “Xi Jinping Thought”.

China specialists say that the country has already fundamentally re-written the international rule book. The question is, how will the rest of the world respond?


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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Everybody can clearly see how China is changing. Its new five year plan wants to build a more equalitarian society, change all sectors, decelerate those which are in a bubble, all in the middle of a digital transformation, with a blockchain based platform which rewards or not according to social credit. The changes are enormous. But not all agree on what this means. For some, it means China is going to be the new main superpower, for others, this is going to finish bad in the short term, stating that the economy and finances in China are in dire crisis and even a war caused by a Taiwan invasion is possible. One thing to say is that China continues to be a mystery for many.