Watch: These brand new NFTs are printing money (
Let's talk about a crazy new trend that I'm seeing with "Passive Income" NFTs.

Basically we now have NFTs that are focusing on buying other NFTs and using those to (literally) make new forms of money. This is a new spin on a model popularized by Cyberkongz which is famous for distributing ERC-20 tokens to its holders worth +$400,000/year (you read that correctly).

In this video we talk about Mutant Cats (buying Cool Cats), Zombie Toads (buying Cryptoadz) and Goop Troop (nouns as a pfp collection). I also give some predictions for what these new DAO NFTs could mean for the market as a whole, and why some could end up being worth more than you might think.

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0:00 intro
0:53 the NFT with $400k/year in passive income
1:47 how can a JPEG create money?
3:04 passive income model
3:32 the beauty of the NFT space
4:52 what Mutant Cats and Zombie Toadz are doing
5:52 the new way JPEGs can print money
7:47 my first impression
8:27 how this will change the game for blue chips
9:56 the challenges ahead
11:20 hot takes
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Passive income NFTs? The NFT place continue amazing us, but really it's not so surprising. NFTs can be used for many things, and this will change the game in the long term in the world of finances, both digital or not. These are called DAO NFTs and are discussed in the podcast. Many will be interested into hearing why they are so hot just now.