Watch: How Boston Dynamics Builds The Coolest Robots In The World (
Boston Dynamics has sparked the imaginations of the general public with its viral YouTube videos, but the company is now hoping to get the attention of paying customers. Initially, Boston Dynamics received a lot of its funding from the U.S. military and DARPA. Later, it was financed by big-name owners including Google, SoftBank and most recently, Hyundai. All of these companies have tried to steer the robot maker on a path to commercialization, and Boston Dynamics is finally getting there. CNBC got a rare look at Boston Dynamics’ office in Massachusetts, where the team showed off two of the robots they are working to commercialize: Spot and Stretch.

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How Boston Dynamics Is Building It’s Robot Empire
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Robotics is a technology in rapid expansion. although Musk is talking about humanoid robots, the truth is that Boston Dynamics may well take the robot market very soon with its robot platforms for logistics, warehouses, search and rescue, etc. Let's remember Hyundai is financing them, a company which has a lot of background already in robotics and research for factories etc. Robots are cool. And they won't take our jobs. They will create many jobs while helping us with the repetitive and boring ones.