Watch: NFT Rentals: Why VCs Are Backing a Puzzling New Project (
Animoca Brands is leading a $1.5 million bet on reNFT, a year-old decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that lets you rent out NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet. The project is now backed by Lattice Capital, Play Ventures, MetaCartel Ventures and five other VC firms. "The Hash" squad discusses NFT rentals and the significance to the wider NFT market, Web 3.0 and the gamefi space.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst DeFi offer many new opportunities every day. We have now a way of getting a passive income from our NFTs by renting them in the Ethereum mainnet through a DAO. It seems fascinating to us how investors and creators are finding new ways to capitalise their NFTs. And probably this is just the first of many other interesting experiments with NFTs and DAOs we are going to witness, revolutionising the digital economy, as usual.