Highly Recommended Watch: CNBC Documentaries: Generation Gamble (youtube.com)
CNBC’s Melissa Lee takes viewers on a journey to the intersection of online betting, trading and gaming – all of which surged in popularity and profits during the pandemic. Lee profiles the Gen Z consumers and social media influencers behind the surge, explores the companies capitalizing on the trend, and interviews experts trying to raise awareness about the potential pitfalls. It’s a new era -- where the boundaries between gambling, gaming and investing are being blurred. As the smartphone generation comes of age, they’re overturning traditional concepts of money and risk and shaking up our markets.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Younger generations are very comfortable navigating the digital space. The first generations is of an age to work with online betting, trading and gaming, sometimes doing all together, where you may trade doing gaming, and gambling, without forgetting the NFT space! An interesting documentary which takes us to understand better what is the new normal in digital life.