Watch: Bitcoin Falls Below $60K, Barbados Ambassador Explains Setting Up Embassy In the Metaverse (
"First Mover" hosts speak to Barbados Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Gabriel Abed as the country says it will become the first sovereign nation to set up an embassy in the metaverse. Meanwhile, bitcoin dipped below $60k amid intensified China ban and negative comments from Twitter executive. Genesis Volatility Co-Founder and CEO Greg Magadini shares his market insights. Plus, what's contributing to BitGo's rapid growth this year? Mike Belshe BitGo CEO explains.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Barbados is a country pioneer in the digital economy starting with being the first country offering a CBDC for themselves and the Caribbean tiny islands, and now again with the "opening" of a virtual Embassy in the Metaverse. How is this gong to be done not known yet, but imagine. Life in the Metaverse is more than imitating real life, is creating a new platform to express our humanness, among other things, humans as political animals! So interesting and amazing!