Watch: Emily Jashinsky: Mark Zuckerberg Wants Meta To Be Your LANDLORD (
Emily Jashinsky explains why the 'metaverse' is a trap.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The campaign (valid or not) against Zuckeberg's Metaverse continues in full. It's like only this company (seeing its past and present) will misuse the metaverse to build a dystopian future. Let's see this from another PoV. As in "real" reality, the different Metaverse's platforms should have common rules and regulations (and also their own), to protect the person and the communities, moreover personal and collective data. Any platform not complying with this should not been allowed to function. Secondly, Metaverse is not Meta or iceberg's toy. There will be different platforms and freedom to choose which one we want to use, or not use any at all. In fact most people will live/work using different platforms, unless a big platform offers all services. Again, this is in the future yet.