Recommended Watch: Kim Iversen: Unvaccinated In LOCKDOWN In Austria, Will The US Be Next? (
Kim Iversen breaks down Austria's lockdown mandate for their unvaccinated population.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Anti COVID policies in some countries (some States in Australia being the spear head, but also now several European countries) are starting to sound unpalatable to a population which not only is tired of the Pandemic, but also feels there are no enough explanations on the real reasons of these actions suck as hard lockdowns on unvaccinated, or other regulations punishing those who opted for not vaccinating against the COVID virus. Since the beginning the political and social component of this Pandemic has been marred by suspicions, conspiracy theories, and approaches which seem to be more "let's see if this works" more than Science. It's time for leaders and scientists to use common sense, not just regulations and punishments.