Recommended Watch: 2021 Bloomberg New Economy Forum: Geopolitics and the Global Economy (
The final day of the 2021 Bloomberg New Economy Forum focuses on geopolitics and the global economy.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The geopolitical shifts, the global economy changes ad transformations, the general disruption, has a double solution, either towards something worse or to something better, a new paradigm which enhances humanness and societies where the person, and not the consumer is ate the core of everything. Watching this talk (more than three hours!) one get a sour feeling at the end. The same people who were before as leaders, now work as "futurists" or "advisors". Are they the ones who really can help us to navigate through the disruption? Tony Blair? Hillary? Romney? Trump? These ones and many others are the ones who have not helped the change when they were in power. Hillary herself speaks against crypto. Anyway it is useful to hear what they say to make notes, and act accordingly. The change, the paradigm's revolution is not on the hands is on ours.