Watch: Crypto Tax Strategy | How To Save $$$ on Crypto Gains (
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- How to prepare for the crypto wealth you are about to experience!
- Building an IRA for your family that protects your best assets!
- Using a Roth IRA for your crypto

- Crypto IRA ~ Best Tax Strategy For Your Crypto with iTrust Capital
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~Crypto Tax Strategy | How To Save $$$ on Crypto Gains~
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Looking for the best tax havens for Crypto? Free Month with iTrust Capital - Use PROMO CODE - PAUL BARRON

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    John Dexfolio Dexfolio I'm leaving my initial investments alone. I would just like to make some extra cash, however small, for the time being. As well as learn about the process. To learn more about defi wallet tracking, read this blog
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Everybody dreams to be financially free, no debts, have enough to live and prosper. But dreaming without the deeds end to be just that, a dream. We need to be in control of our finances and our responsibilities and duties. One of them is taxes. Many (even tax regulators!) have doubts on what to do about taxes on the crypto people hold or trade. This is fine now, and dangerous for the future if suddenly a huge due tax payment comes to our mailbox. This podcast help us to understand better what to do with IRA and Roth IRA.