Watch: What is a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), and how does it work? (
Decentralisation is one of the central principles of #bitcoin and a key factor in its popularity. It removes the middlemen and brings us one step closer to the future. But how can decentralised systems change the world? With DAOs or Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, smart contracts can do things which were once only possible in science fiction.

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0:00 What is a DAO?
0:15 DAO definition
0:45 DAO ethereum
1:16 DAO crypto
1:50 How does a DAO work?
2:22 DAO stakeholders

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Decentralised Autonomous Organisations are an outcome of the digital world of the 4th IR, evolving to full tokenisation. The concept to avoid middlemen etc is a core aim of DAOs, which can been as simple or as complicated as we need them to be. They can run totally autonomously or less, where token owners vote how everything it runs. This 2022 will probably see the rising of DAO to the forefront of crypto, and many experiments succeeding or failing. Exciting times.