Watch: Finnish President tells Russia 'You caused this' as he signs security pact with UK (
The President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö has told a news conference in Helsinki that Russia's invasion of Ukraine "changed the picture" on the country's security.

In a message to Russia he said, "you caused this - look at the mirror".

Mr Niinistö was speaking after he signed a joined security pact with Boris Johnson.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The Ukraine war has a very complicated narrative, and the consequences are many and some of them may open doors which Europeans thought had been closed since the last big European war. Finland (and Sweden) deciding to abandon their neutrality to side with NATO countries (Finland even signing a defence pact with UK before) on the wake of the Russian aggression means something fundamental has changed. This is not a war of black and white tones, but a lot of greys. Many compare what is happening to the movements on the months conducive to the start of the First World War, a war nobody wanted but everybody was talking about and getting prepared. The global earthquake in geopolitics will probably get worse, much worse, before getting better, and maybe is why these countries are looking for a defence umbrella. Let's pray for common sense, cool minds, realistic movements happen before the chaos spreads.