Recommended Watch: What Can $100 Get in Cape Town, South Africa? (
What Can $100 Get in Cape Town, South Africa is a budget travel video where I explore Cape Town with only $100 and see how much fun I can get up to. This video highlights the cost of living in cape town and what it feels like to be on a budget.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Cape Town is a vibrant energetic, beautiful South African city. It's lucky to have good weather, ocean, magnificent landscapes with mountains and coast, good people and services. Tayo, our favourite Africa traveller showing us if it is possible also to travel to CT on a string budget is fun and entertaining. Tayo never let us down in his way of showing the reality of life everywhere he travels in Africa. A great African ambassador or the whole continent first to other Africans who want to discover new spaces, places and people, then to the rest of the world. Enjoy this small jewel. We love his channel too.