Watch: Is The World FALLING APART?! (
As research shows that corporate price markups and profits jumped to their highest levels in seven decades last year, are we now seeing how an alliance between big business and government renders the rest of us powerless?
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst This decade is confusing. So many big changes, so sudden and widespread, that we even start to think that reality itself is changeable in a 1984 world, and we witness a growing consensus on many informed people that what was not so long ago considered as good and necessary, (see f.i. The Great Reset) now is seen as something being planned between governments (or even those BEHIND the governments) and big business either to disempower us or just control us in a Chinese style, or strict surveillance capitalism where middle class is disappearing. The crazy theories will continue being crazy, but with a rapidly changing world, some voices like Russell give us some data and interpretation making us wonder and ponder. So, what to do? As usual, let's use our common sense, not closing our mind to "this is impossible and can't be" unless is a crazy theory, and just learn how to read the signs, get informed, get prepared, and act accordingly.