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So what comes next for crypto? There’s little doubt for me that this crash recovers quickly. Winter isn’t coming – winter is here, my friends.

We’re probably going to lose some household names, like Terra and Luna, but that will be for the best. The more interesting part is that there is a good chance that crypto regulation comes faster because of this crash, which is both good and bad.

The bad part or rather sad part is the loss of the wild west. Crazy projects like piccolo coin probably won’t be popping up every other day and crazy meme rallies like the doge coin spike will probably be a thing of the past, but that gives birth to stability and growth, and that’s how crypto as a whole moves forward, and I’m all for that.

The projects that survive this will also have much more credibility and will probably attract more investors. Just a reminder: after Amazon tanked and clung to life at the end of the dot com era, they kind of became a big deal – just saying.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Move on. Nothing new here for those who habitually read us. Good to see that the reality we dare to glimpse about crypto is seen by others. Crypto winter is here and will stay as long as necessary, depending on many internal and external factors, but one day the mood will change. In the way, the whole landscape will have changed, as it changed during the dot com crash. No more Wild West, yes to regulations, famous names in crypto disappearing, some of them in bright fireworks, and some of those surviving suddenly growing to be at the top. A crypto.2 market anyway where speculators, volatility and everything negative is not at its core.