Highly Recommended Watch: The Current Moment and the Changing World Order | Ray Dalio (youtube.com)
The billionaire hedge-fund investor Ray Dalio believes the world order is changing. Looking at the rise and fall of empires over 500 years of history, he discovered three factors occurring simultaneously: debt and monetization, political extremism, conflict and populism and the rise of a new great power.

Watch the full conversation at charlierose.com.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Another part of an interview which can be considered one of the best of the year. There is humility, there is truth and talk about Truth, there are sound opinions on how can we consider what is happening today from outside as another cycle of rise and fall of empires, and the reasons why. Again no histrionics here, but a call to live with what we have, being truthful, cultivating empathy, search for wisdom beyond knowledge, being able to decide between what is just, real and good and not the opposite, not living in a nebulous middle. Awesome.