Highly Controversial Watch: The Metaverse Is Coming for Your Office (youtube.com)
Tech giants and startups are racing into the Metaverse. Be it VR, AR, or old-fashioned desktops, we’ll all be meeting in virtual offices soon. We dove deep to see what life after zoom might look like.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Let's not worry before hand, we are not (with few exceptions) going to live in an office in the Metaverse, returning just for our physical needs some times during the day. Once there are enough Metaverse platforms, and all the issues with the devices which join our senses to it, we can approach to that position, but only for and when the situation requires. We will probably reach a palace better physical and digital life. Schools will use metaverse platforms to teach and learn, and normal life to develop other type of learning and relationships. Farmers will use special platforms to check their farms or cattle but they will have to physically go and check the fields or the cattle. Coming back to the office, we will witness platforms coming and going as we have seen programs in internet which have been widely used and others which even seeming better have disappeared. Anyway, the end will be a complete change on how we work, learn, relation and live.