Watch: U.S. vs. China: A Metaverse Divided Over Design and Rules | WSJ (
The metaverse race is heating up in China. Just like Meta and Microsoft in the U.S., Chinese firms such as Baidu and Tencent are investing in the nascent industry, but strict tech regulations mean China’s virtual worlds are set to offer very different user experiences. Photo Illustration: Michelle Inez Simon

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst These opinions are neither new nor surprising. Everything digital is developing the same all around the world, but not all parts of the world wants the same regulation or a blank slate for digital companies such as the Metaverse. The main example is of course China, with its own strict regulations on Internet, (always remember "for the protection of their own citizens"). So surely we will see the same with the Metaverse, with some platforms which won't be allowed in there, and national approved metaverse platforms which probably will also linked to their own system of credit point through good behaviour and good citizenship.