Watch: What's behind the rise in COVID-19 cases? | Inside Story (
The Omicron variant dominates the infections.
Its two main mutations, known as B-point-four and B-point-five, are harder to track and resistant to vaccines.
The next few months will see an increase in global travel, as millions take their summer holidays.
And that's likely to increase the spread of COVID-19.
Those in the pandemic-hit tourism industry were hoping to recover this season, as restrictions began to ease in many places.
But that could change.
The head of the World Health Organization says the pandemic is not over.
What should we expect?

Presenter: Rob Matheson

Azeddine Ibrahimi, Director of Med-biotech and Professor of Medical Biotechnology at Mohammed the fifth University.
Jeffrey Lazarus, Head of Health Systems Research Group at Barcelona Institute for Global Health.
Ishwar Gilada, Infectious Disease Specialist and Secretary General of the Organized Medicine Academic Guild.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst COVID is far from being over. Cases are growing again and even if it seems it's not so acute as the first waves, any new variation from the actual strains of Omega could give us another reason to be afraid again. We don't even know if this virus is going to become seasonal like the flu, or disappear like the one of the big flu of 1918,... or what is going to happen. Beyond politics, conspiracies, etc, let's always take care, and be warned.