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When Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies first appeared well over a decade ago, few people could have imagined how widespread they would become.

Now, these various forms of digital money are in common use - if not yet universally understood.

But where exactly do they come from, who uses them and what - for better or worse - might be the long-term consequences?

People & Power sent reporter Rory Challands in search of answers.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst This TV program from Aljazeera is always informative, but also polemic. With a topic so hot as crypto and what it means (a change of world paradigm) we need to be informed, and make our own research. So what should we do? First of all listen to all the sides in the debate about crypto, 4th IR and digital economy. Even if you are a crypto "evangeliser" you need to deeply know all the opinions against it to be a good "apologist" too. In short, watch this, and make your own opinion. We are just at the first iteration and the first stages of this new paradigm. The future is open.