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After announcing that it has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection as a result of the recent crypto market crash, cryptocurrency brokerage firm Voyager Digital (TSE: VOYG), which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, may now find itself delisted from the exchange entirely. Unfortunately, this means bad news for customers assets. However, are similar crypto exchanges facing possible false advertising lawsuits for there declarations of safe USD account insured by FDIC.

Guest: John Deaton, Managing Partner of The Deaton Law Firm
Congress writes the laws that regulators (like the SEC) have to follow. It has never been more important for digital asset holders in the U.S. to make themselves heard.
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~Crypto Exchanges Face Massive Legal Trouble? w/ Attorney John Deaton~
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Massive legal problems for crypto exchanges are coming. We can see them on the horizon. And it's not that we didn't expect this to not happen. The opposite. The lack of regulations, the malpractices and now the crash which has made many retail traders and institutions to lose a lot of money is causing this to accelerate. Whatever has not been regulated, if it has gone against of the law of a particular country (mostly US and the Fed), is already a danger for crypto exchanges. We foresee global crypto exchanges to accept regulations and to tighten their conditions to comply, like we foresee a myriad of legal cases against them to come and linger for years. Conclusion: you want a fair profit, be also fair and accept proper regulations which allow crypto as a whole to prosper.